Shargashi Hell Assault

From: Nick Brooke <Nick_at_...>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 08:26:35 -0000

>> I'm thinking of a Shagashi HQ which allows them to open a route from
>> directly into the fortress. Nice closely fought start to the siege
>> with a force of Humatki just managing to kill the Shargasi and sever
>> the route to hell before the rest of the army can threaten the main

> Why do the Shargashi not repeat this later, since it clearly nearly worked?

Building on that water-daimon under the limestone idea ("defeated briny foes of Helamakt") which people were kicking around earlier, maybe the Shargashi attack route is now *flooded*?

NB: unleashing the ancient, pent-up powers of Water against a Fiery foe is not only Good HeroQuesting Fun, but also gets you a string of bonuses on the Elemental Opposition Table (IIRC): Storm overcomes Water, which overcomes Fire in turn. Rather than having the Lunars use this against the Heortling defenders... this could turn the tables nicely.

Plus, after you do it, everyone sleeping in Whitewall can hear the angry voice of the sea emanating from the rock beneath them...

Jeff asks:

> Here's a question to Jonathon Quaife and Nick Brooke - weren't the > Greydogs (hiss boo) at Whitewall ON THE LUNAR SIDE?

We fought for the Lunars at Smithstone. (It was a tax break). After we helped sack that city (defending the Uleria Temple, for sound reasons), we headed back north, and served in the besieging ranks at Whitewall, though I don't think we ever raised a weapon in anger. When some of our number defected across the defensive lines (with zippy Jumping magics), the rest of us fled ignominiously, going *around* an approaching throbbing crimson glowspot in the sky. I don't think the Lunar Army ever caught up with what had happened -- they had other things to worry about shortly thereafter.

Cheers, Nick

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