Re: Shargashi Hell Assault

From: dzo01 <dzo_at_...>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 16:39:56 -0000

I like this a whole lot. I vote that it goes in - have you added it to the Wiki (hate that name!) yet?

I'll have a stab at writing up a Shargashi warleader - I'll just have to chanal Martin (and have a stiff drink afterwards!).  

> ____
> Jeff asks:
> > Here's a question to Jonathon Quaife and Nick Brooke - weren't
> > Greydogs (hiss boo) at Whitewall ON THE LUNAR SIDE?
> We fought for the Lunars at Smithstone. (It was a tax break).
After we
> helped sack that city (defending the Uleria Temple, for sound
> we headed back north, and served in the besieging ranks at
> though I don't think we ever raised a weapon in anger. When some
of our
> number defected across the defensive lines (with zippy Jumping
> the rest of us fled ignominiously, going *around* an approaching
> throbbing crimson glowspot in the sky. I don't think the Lunar
Army ever
> caught up with what had happened -- they had other things to worry
> shortly thereafter.

Actually the lunar command was more than happy to see the back of such a shifty bunch. Plus the sheep in the supply pens were much more at ease after they left...


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