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From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 11:09:26 -0000

Ian Cooper
>>At first glance the southerners and Malkioni are parts of the very
>>Andrini regime of the Pharoah Broyan was fighting against and do
>>seem to be allies of the rebellious Volsaxi. But the usurpation of
>>the crown by Rikard may have changed this. Rikard's brand of
>>crusading Rokarism, and religious zeal, would have made an enemy of
>>the 'heretics' of the Aeolian and Church of Tomorrow.

Peter Metcalfe
> Except that there's far too few Rokari to actually make a stab
> at conquering anything in Heortland and so the oppressive crusading
> theory doesn't ring true.

Rikard takes the Heortland crown. That's a given. So it must be possible. William the Conqueror only needed 15,000 troops to control Anglo-Saxon England. Heortland has a smaller population and could be controlled with substantially less troops. Rikard's assumption of the throne, and his role as a Rokari crusader are established facts since G:CoHW.

>Moreover the only Rokari that can provide support to the
>Heortlanders are the unfanatical and corrupt Quinpolic

Why? HQ Voices or the Homeland write up, I forget which suggests that crusading in Heortland is as viable as Europeans heading to Outremer.

> Moreover the Lunars are explicitly appointing Malkioni sherifs in
> many parts of Heortland (Baron Sanuel for example was a Trader
> Prince) so the whole picture is extremely confused.
Agreed, but that is the point. Following Rikard's overthrew the alliance of former enemies forged between the Esvulari and Broyan against may decay, leading to tensions within the citadel. This is possible given the background and provides tension that creates MGF opportunities within the keep.

And I'm just letting everyone know that the SR cylce identifies the AoT as being among the defenders at Whitewall. So tying this in with the Melisande as an Esvulari presence by suggesting that the defenders include those who originally joined Broyan to resist Rikard works for me.

> --Peter Metcalfe

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