Re: Melisande, Narib, et al.

From: Ian Cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 22:34:59 -0000

Peter Metcalfe wrote:

> I really don't see it that way as there are a host of other
>alternatives to which Rikard could have taken power. The new king
>could be elected by the people

But you yourself just quoted HeroQuest Voices on this:

>bloody handed foreign mercenary called Rikard seized the throne.

Rikard is a foreign mercenary who seizes the throne and puts his own followers, like Willelm the Bloody into power. Now my contention is that some Esvulari and other Malkioni don't like that scenario and join with their old enemy to resist. The very tension of Broyan and the Esvulari working together is the point of this.

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