RE: Re: Melisande, Narib, et al.

From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 14:37:43 -0800

> > I really don't see it that way as there are a host of other
> >alternatives to which Rikard could have taken power. The new king
> >could be elected by the people

I do not think that Rikard was elected by the people. Definitely not. Rikard may have had a tenuous claim to a throne, or have been invited to claim the throne by a small faction or minority, but I certainly don't think he was invited.  

>bloody handed foreign mercenary called Rikard seized the throne.
> Rikard is a foreign mercenary who seizes the throne and puts his own
> followers, like Willelm the Bloody into power. Now my contention is
> that some Esvulari and other Malkioni don't like that scenario and
> join with their old enemy to resist. The very tension of Broyan and
> the Esvulari working together is the point of this.

Conceptually this works for me. Rikard seized a throne (not even the Heortlending throne - but the kingdom of Malkonwal). Lots of folk have problems with Rikard and I think that is part of the reason the Lunars conquer Heortland so easy. Many prefer the Lunars to Rikard. He's just that objectionable.  


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