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Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 15:17:05 -0800

> >This is a case of using an enemy's weakness. In love and war,
> >everything is allowed.
> Nevetheless for very conservative enemies, there are some things
> that are not countenanced. The Pure Horse Tribe got its butt
> kicked because it refused to arm women (KoS p193). Having been
> part of a kingdom that fought against the pharaoh for so long,
> it seems very odd for an described ultratraditionalist to have
> compromised his principles in such a way.

Broyan is a traditionalist Orlanthi - a very different thing from being a Pure Horse Person. As far as I see it, you can be ultratraditionalist by simply thinking that the Malkioni sheriffs are soulless meldek and the Lunars are the Second Coming of the Gbaji Empire. Think Rastalulf, not the Pure Horse Tribe.  

> I am bemused by the attempts to objectively portray the Pharaoh as a
> bad god who has only his interests at heart. The kings of Sartar
> profited magically from the cult of Sartar but we never hear similar
> analysis about how they weakened the tribes of Sartar by their acts.

I don't think that the Pharaoh is a bad god. He just doesn't fit the mythic background of Kethaela (unless he is sort of an OOO substitute) and he isn't Orlanthi. So he shouldn't be the overlord of the Hendriki (special exemption is always made for the OOO who everyone knows was an ally and not overlord).  

> The Emperor of Kralorela rules by a similar method but scarcely
> anybody describes him as a wicked leech.

The Orlanthi would if he were their leader.  

> Yes, the Pharaoh does receive magic from Heortland. There's nothing
> intrinsically wrong in that nor does it weaken Heortland as a whole.

No there is nothing intrinsically wrong with it, but it isn't Orlanth's way and it isn't Hendreik's way. It isn't surprising that Orlanth and Hendreik have been weakened in Heortland since the coming of the Pharaoh.  

> >There is nothing at all
> >to indicate that Hardrard was a Vingkotling king.
> So Broyan converts the elective title of Volsaxar kingship into
> a hereditary one and nobody complains? Even in Tarsh, that
> change provoked a major rebellion.

My idea is that this happens at Whitewall. I think that at the start of 1619, Broyan worship Dar and Orlanth Thunderous (Vingkot subcult). By the end of 1621, Broyan worships Vingkot directly as a god. This is a big change but it happens during the crucible of Whitewall. And it is a key part of Broyan's WW story.  


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