Re: Scathach the Iron Shrew

From: Oliver D. Bernuetz <bernuetz_at_...>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 19:38:06 -0000

Mitch said:
> I tend towards non-Vingan. I understand her Vinga association is in
> the past, but honestly, I think that it is easy to make the logical
> leap from "strong-willed woman" to "Vingan", and that it may be
> overused to some extent.

Definitely a valid point.
> Scathach could be a great example of a non-militant "heroine"
> or "female icon". Lots of opportunity throughout the siege to have
> her looking over the fortress, keeping things going, keeping people
> working and the women and workers motivated. Quietly working her
> magic in the background. She is an unsung hero of the Whitewall
> siege because few others see that without her, the fortress would
> have fallen in the first year.


> If insight into Vingans is useful, she could have easily gained
> insight without joining the cult. A kinswomen could have sought to
> settle the score mentioned in Oliver's brief. Or she could of
> shelter within a Vingan temple for some time after being uprooted
> from her homelands.

I guess that's true enough I still think that her story is more poignant if it's her personal experiences rather than observations but it probably works pretty well either way.


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