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Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 12:49:25 GMT

In message <002201c40a39$67e21560$09ac32d2_at_vinga> "John Hughes" writes:

>I have uploaded the latest iteration of the numbers at the siege spreadsheet
>to the Group files area. This incorporates suggestions and additions from
>the list, and especially Donald Oddy's rather splendid Lunar forces summary.
>The fiile is called siege forces.xls.
>If there are no great rumblings about the general sweep of this, I'll upload
>a version to Wiki where we can further expand the listing and perhaps begin
>to detail actual units and bands etc.
>Thanks to everyone who has engaged with these figures.

I envisaged the Shargashi disappearing from the siege after the attack. Those that survive have to get out of hell and in any case no general is going to want small numbers of them hanging around causing trouble. They may well reappear at the end looking for revenge.

I had intended the Irregular infantry to cover the various Lunar allies, including Broyan's local enemies who join the Lunars. Particularly early in the siege I think there is great difficulty in preventing the defenders slipping in and out to gain recruits and supplies so the Lunars should be really stretched for numbers.

How far do we want to go defining units? I'd be inclined to just write up those which are needed for storylines which arise elsewhere - that leaves plenty for narrators to allow PCs to appear with the units of their choice.

Donald Oddy

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