Re: FOUNDATION: Numbers at the Siege

From: jeffrichard68 <richj_at_...>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 20:14:48 -0000

I'd like to make a few suggestions as to the Whitewall defenders. First, let's drop the City Uz to being a subset of Transient Allies, Exotics and Mercs and replace them with the Night Jumpers (the only well-known Volsaxi heroband definitely needs a place here - if they aren't at Whitewall why do they exist at all!). I'd knock 20 of them off the Dark 1619 column and add them to the Heortling Blue Arrow Defenders.

A few other questions or comments:
Is Leika and her Colymar exiles part of the "Blue Arrow" Defenders or "Broyan Supporters"?

Broyan has 25 Larnsti followers in OiD, not 40.

Other than these quibbles, it looks really good. Makes it very clear why the Orlanthi started making extremely dangerous heroquests in late 1620 and through 1621. The amazing thing is that they held Whitewall as long as they did.


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