Re: Re: FOUNDATION: Numbers at the Siege

From: John Hughes <nysalor_at_...>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 22:36:02 +1100


> First, let's drop the City Uz to being a subset of Transient Allies,
> Exotics and Mercs and replace them with the Night Jumpers

> A few other questions or comments:
> Is Leika and her Colymar exiles part of the "Blue Arrow" Defenders
> or "Broyan Supporters"?

She now has her own row. Dates and numbers can be amended down the track.

> Broyan has 25 Larnsti followers in OiD, not 40.

Yip. I've included 15 followers/supporters. The distinction is now noted.


>I envisaged the Shargashi disappearing from the siege after the attack.


>I had intended the Irregular infantry to cover the various Lunar allies,

I've deleted the repetition. However, rather than continuing to second-guess you, would you like to update the spreadsheet to your satisfaction and upload it again? I have little idea what I'm doing at this stage. :) The version I've just uploaded is dated - when your newer version is up I'll delete my current one.

>How far do we want to go defining units? I'd be inclined to just write
>up those which are needed for storylines which arise elsewhere...

Yes, we should leave plenty of room for individual GMs. Might we use Martin's listing to describe units who *could* be there though?



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