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From: John Hughes <nysalor_at_...>
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 22:06:06 +1100

Some rough notes for the initial sketch map.

As noted before, the city outline is based on Masada, modified by Mitch's drawing. There's a lot of verticality not even suggested by this rough schematic. The areas listed are intended to be neighbourhoods.

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The main axis of the city runs from High Altar (the Air temple) down to Shambleshur (Shamble Shore, the twisting slum area). The Lighthouse may well be the end point of this axis.

The secondary axis of the city runs north-south from King's Rock (the inner citadel, with is own walls, containing the High King's Hall and Hearth) through the great market (with its shrines, statue of Argan Argar, and Little Big's Horn) to the fine new Tarkalorian buildings of Guilderinn (The Guild's Inn).

 Dalewatch is a great tower commanding views into Northvale and distant Smithstone.

Bullshur (Bull Shore) is also a tower, perhaps commanding views south-eastward to Stormwalk Mountain.

T'anerow (Thane's Row) is a wealthy quarter.

Whiteledge contains the finer public buildings.

Both Shambleshur and Guilderinn have many many deserted buildings - Whitewall is in one sense a failed city, much smaller in population than it's size suggests, an emptying exacerbated by the continuing civil war. Wealthier trading families have tended to leave, while poorer refugeees uprooted by the war have sought shelter here.

Suggestions for better names, especially names that reflect the citadel's history, would be warmly received.


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