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Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 22:42:38 +0000 (GMT)

Hi all,

The boys and girls at Unspoken Word were working on an Esvulari book IIRC (a follow up to their tradetalk information I think). I suggest that we check with them, because there is likely to be cross-over and I expect that they may have some input on the Aeolian presence in the other Earldoms etc. To that end this is copied to them.

FWIW I believed the (for example TR p.52-53) that Andrin's reforms were most effective in the south
(Esvular and of course God Forgot) and weakened as
they went north (the traditionalists of Sartar). TR tells us that the Esvulari adopt Malkioni/Aeolian ways most willingly, the others to a lesser degree, with the Volsaxi refusing. Andrin changes the requirement for the king's successors come from the nobility
(barons and earls), so the line of kings has to be
drawn from that pool.

The crisis formented by the lack of an heir suggests that the king pre-selects his successor from the pool. Rikard's 'conquering the various Hendreiki tribes of Heortland, taking advantage of their terrible disorder after the loss of both the Pharaoh and their king'
(G:CotHW) and his usurpation of the throne suggests
that he was either of the pool (granted a baronacy for services rendered perhaps) or that the criteria for being of the pool from which successors can be drawn is fairly flexible or could be taken. Unless of course Rikard loses the crown simply because he is not a 'rightful' heir.

All of this would effect the king's list. So it might be Esvulari dominated, as Jeff's suggestion, as king's appoint supporters, but it might include some suprises.  

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