Why Whitewall?

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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004 15:46:45 -0000

Why did they select Whitewall?

Perhaps I forgetfuly left something very basic fact in this siege, please ignore this if I ask you something very basic fact. Of course many factors concerned.

Why Lunars simply ignore Whitewall as a lonely desert island of anachronistic bandits (like as Wintertop Rebels...) And Why Broyan chose this place and addressed his subjects to die defending this fortress and not to escape. (I think siege is something alien idea to most modern 17C heortlings, see Gwandorling Saga: Siege of Furthest.) It might mean that simply Broyan could not escape from here, (of course, Broyan escaped here by magical mean and went to Ice Refuge and New Temple of Otherside, later. Not by normal route trespassing the domain of Kitori..? Perhaps it means that Kitori is also hostile to Broyan.)

  1. Tactics Broyan: Though I am an ultratraditionalist, it doesn't mean I am a fool. And I choose this place as most important strategy point and most easy to defend. This is my ancestral hall and I know well most this place.

Tatius: Though it is difficult to destroy directly this defenseline, we have too many how-to to siege and subjugate lesser enemies as an inheritor of Dara Happan history. Dig a ditch and tunnel, ballista and tribuchet. Last and critical method is of course cutting supply and starving them.

2) Propaganda
Broyan: As in Great Darkness, we have dispersed and fought each other, so enemies took advantage on it and defeat us one by one. So as in I fought, we won. We cannot escape here, as King Heort, we must stand here as show Last Justice still shine over Kero Fin, as Elmal did. So heroes begin to gather here.

Tatius: (I am not sure Dara Happans or Lunars remember this place in history, IIRC, Joerg once wrote in TT#4 that Palangio Iron Vrok did great battle here...?)
By defeating the last rebels, we can address their defeat is so decisive and they cannot recover from this damage. Full Moon Year is near. Empire awaits our military success and victory to celebrate.

3) Magical (For the difference of HQ and RQ, and this siege involves so religous meaning. I am not sure it is plausible that Lismelders participate in the siege line of attackers in Greydog Campaign, and if this siege involves so much religious flavour, foreign mercenaries who only want to earn money don't dare to make fight fanatics and have risk their lives and souls (if they are orlanthi....))

Broyan: (I am not sure when he prepared escape route from the city, and anyway, we know the fact that the fortress eventually be sacked by enemies and Broyan escape with his warbands. But defenders don't know this fact until last time...I suppose.) Magically, Whitewall involves magic of Orlanth and Vingkot since Helamakt founded this place (I don't know what is this), I have tried Summons of Evil and enemies are absent minded from otherside and onslaught from there...

Tatius: We found potential on the location of Dundealos Tribe territory, here is good for founding New Reaching Moon Temple. Wind should be stopped and subjugated to the will of Emperor. Another power spot of the Barbarous God is here, Whitewall. Long Stronghold against North (Bright Empire?), and South (Pharaoh). Call Crimson Bat, we can test some new war magic here....

Any other factors?

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