Suggestions for Lunar rewards?

From: Stewart Stansfield <stu_stansfield_at_...>
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 10:03:17 -0000

In a spare moment, I was thinking on how the Lunars might reward those who performed with great courage or ability during phases of the siege. The Roman distinctions might provide a useful basis here, being quite evocative. During the Empire rank had an influence on what one could receive; during the Republic rewards were largely regardless of rank. Shades of Lunar vs. DaraHappan/Carmanian influences in the Imperial military...

Here are a few that might be appropriate for modification and further thought. My own brief ponderings are inserted in [square brackets]. Any thoughts welcomed and will keep me buoyed over the next few days!

Made of oak leaves, it was awarded to a soldier that saved the life of a fellow citizen [Imperial Citizen] in battle. It was also accompanied by civil benefits.

Crowns assoiated with a general at his triumph, of which he wore the LAUREA INSIGNIS or INSIGNIS CORONA TRIUMPHALIS, simply of laurel leaves. His soldiers might be allowed to wear a CORONA OLEAGINA, made of olive leaves, which symobilised their part in his victory. Generals that only received an ovation would wear a myrtle-leaved CORONA OVALIS. CORONA MURALIS
A gold crown in the shape of a fortress, awarded to the first soldier over the wall in a siege.

A crown decorated with field fortifications, awarded to the first man over an enemy rampart or palisade in a siege.

Large medals worn on a harness across a soldier's chest. These have already been depicted in many Lunar images, I'm sure [the Sedenyic rune, or the crescent is an image especially given to working well in this context).

Arm bands [I've left off the torques, unless people think adopting the images of the defeated is appropriate, or it is perhaps a practice inherited from Sylila].

The silver spear, awarded to first centurions, tribunes, legates and those consular rank, in varying amounts [no prizes for guessing here... the silver (or steel) scimitar].



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