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Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 03:48:41 EST

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> we all know its a
> Rinliddian demon. IMO, it's a microbat - just a *really* big one. :)

I have just spent a few minutes trying to find a reference to the Not-black-bat, and something to do with the skinning of the star bear to provide the bat with a replacement skin for its previously removed black bat skin. I am not having any luck. Did I misremember something about Arkat skinning the black bat (it becoming a not-black bat) and then the Lunar goddess healing it by giving it the skin of the Star Bear and (presumeably, a crimson rinse).

This alls seems curiously like a reverse Orlantha-and-Aroka shtick. Could "killing the bat", really involve getting the bearskin (back, releasing the black bat of Death (starting the Hero Wars)

Odayla mythology has bearskin cloak and death references - I cannot quite work out a scheme to connect them, the bat and whitewall but I think there might be something there.

From the great ideas posted so far I have an image of ranks of storm empowered orlanthi swooping into the air like flocks of starlings to attack the bat amidst the thunder and rain. Apart from this "animated in the style of LoTR battles" image I also had the strange vision last night of a pixellated Crimson Bat at the bottom of a screen with ranks of flying orlanthi slowing advancing back and forth across the screen and occasionally launching attacks in a sort of Space Invaders style flashback. Too much cheese.


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