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Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 23:37:15 +0000 (GMT)

> My thought here -- not completely formed by any
> means -- is that
> Orlanth is not really dead, just missing in action.

We probably need to look at this idea more carefully. His magic is gone. He can't be contacted. Just like in the Great Darkness. So what *does* this mean?

> Broyan makes a sacrifice to get Orlanth
> (possibly represented by Kallyr) to return. Orlanth
> returns at the
> Battle of Iceland. Kallyr was there.

I'm afraid there's a 1/2 year gap betwen the fall and Iceland, and for quite a bit of it we know what Kallyr was doing.

Among the Quivini when Whitewall falls (OiD11, explicitly).
Early 1622: among the Quivini, gathering help.

Looking at the myth again (TR 146), let me try to summarise.

Storm Tribe do kin-strife, Vadrus causes trouble.

Orlanth outlawed by all his brothers, a thief and trickster.

While he's gone, more kinstrife, eventually Vadrus kills Barntar. (Famine?)
Kolat gets kicked out.

After Orlanth's time of exile was over (no cause, just a time-limit?) Vingkot sacrifices and calls him back.

Orlanth returns with his four Storms.

He returns Urox to the tribe by wrestling him. Persuades Kolat back in.
Makes amends to Humakt (why? what had he done this time? not nicked his sword again??)
And Yinkin had helped Orlanth during his exile.

Orlanth then deposes Vadrus and replaces him with Valind. Lots of fighting, glacier arrives.

Various earth goddesses die.

Orlanth heads off on LBQ.

We seem to have a fairly long gap there between Orlanth returning and the start of Winter. In fact, his return caused it!

If we're doing this thing of identifying Kallyr with Orlanth, she needs to be brought back to Whitewall at least briefly before it falls. And it looks as if she brings some new allies with her: some Uroxi, Humakti (havng made up a previous quarrel) (*), Kolatings and a returning Yinkini (Dernu?)

Notice that the Orlanth in this story doesn't die. The identification is only there to

a) let Broyan identify himself as Vingkot
b) possibly set the scene for an LBQ during Iceland
c) give us an alternative excuse for Kallyr leaving

(*) Reading that, it occurs to me that we were trying to sort out why our Herewardi had left Whitewall "early", and who had upset them. Possibly we have an answer. In-game, it's still only a few weeks past the Cradle, we've got plenty of time to be persuaded back to Whitewall if any plot requires it (though I didn't think that was where Guy was directing things!)

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