Re: Retrofitting Fimbulwinter into KoS

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss_at_...>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 15:02:46 +0100 (BST)

Jane Williams:
> > In
> > > fact, we know the Iceland one took 7 days, and
> > the
> > > CHDP one normally took 14 (So if they're the
> > same, she compressed it. Could be.)
> >
> > Or she left a bunch of steps out. Less powerful,
> > but much
> > easier. Most recorded LBQ's are subsets of the LBQ -
> > with the toughest or unknown bits removed.
> And we know of at least one method of shortening it by
> leaving out the entire Westfaring. Ask Humakt for a
> short-cut to being dead. Go to hell, go directly to
> hell, do not pass Western Gates, do not collect....
> well, it's probably more significant than �200.

If it took place in the Sacred Time, then it could be the same quest. The Sacred Time is nominally 2 weeks in length, but this is traditionally the same week repeated, so a 7 day Sacred Time Quest could actually take 14 days and nobody would quibble.


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