Re: Retrofitting Fimbulwinter into KoS

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss_at_...>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 15:21:51 +0100 (BST)

Charles Corrigan:
> > I think that kallyr's LBQ is actually
> > a 'practice' HeroQuest - the ritual
> > that takes place in the Middle world.
> > Note that Kallyr refers to it as
> > ritual on her return.
> I have to disagree on this point.
> 1 - Practice quests do not kill participants (Dalbryth and Avarna).

Since when? If you can die in a normal scenario then you can die on a Practice Run Quest, no problem. If an enemy questor decides to intrude on your Practice Run Quest and changes the tied-up broo into a fully armed warrior then tough, someone might die.

> 2 - Any ritual that plays a major part (at least) in summoning and
> manifesting a goddess acting at the 10W6 level has to be more than
> just a practice quest.

If the Practice Run Quest had been started without klnowledge of the actual problem and tried to contact somebody to help, then it is quite possible for a more powerful entity to appear. In this case, the participants did not know that Orlanth had been bound, so when they tried to start the Quest they had no idea the Compromise had been broken (which is what I assume hapens when Orlanth is bound) - this means that Voria can rock up to help them because she is now allowed to. Don't forget that a Practice Run Quest is still a quest and can contact powerful beings, it is just that normally only minor ones show up.

> 3 - KoS describes it as both a complicated ritual and a Quest.

But, Holy Day Ceremonies are also both Rituals and Practice Run Quests. Also, King of Sartar was written quite a long time ago and may have terms that are not relevant now.

Jane Williams (To Ian Cooper):
> You're talking about the Iceland one, I take it? I
> like the idea, but she really does come back with
> Voria. In person. Not a cardboard cut-out imitation,
> the full 10W6 version. Can that be done with "just" a
> powered-up practice quest?

Yep, the quest hooks into her and she comes down. Hard to stop a 10W6 goddess from rocking up once the Compromise is broken.

> Also I think that its not good to get too bogged down on game
> rules.

Yep, let Voria rock up and talk about how it happened later.

Jane Williams:
> > > Sure Kallyr probably has a lot of support and the
> > power levels here are jacked up though.
> >
> > Also I think that its not good to get too bogged
> > down on game rules.
> True, but we really can't go around saying that a
> major part of a published scenario can only work if
> you ignore the published rules! If it doesn't work,
> then either the rules are wrong, the scenario's wrong,
> or we're misunderstanding something.

Or we can interpret the rules in another way. (Personally, I am not sure the rules hang together in these circumstances anyway.)

Simon (Who really should be lurking)                                   

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