Re: New file uploaded to whitewall

From: Douglas Seay <douglas-seay_at_...>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 03:02:30 -0000

> Why would rich people be insulated from the poor at Whitewall?
> Bloodlines and clan affiliation is more important than wealth.
> Foreigners and strangers should be removed, not poor kinfolk (unless
> they need to be close to their sheep, pigs, or whatever).

True, but I could easily see lots of wealthy clans grouped together at the choicest spots. When the Tarkalor cleaned out the Kitori, land that belonged to symps and defunct clans were available for the taking, so the powerful clans would have grabbed the good stuff and the weaker ones got the dregs. Most of the space stayed with the same clans as before, so I doubt if there will be clear cut lines.

One thing I really would not to expect would be Wilmskirk style "a quarter for each tribe and each tribe in its quarter". Whitewall is a lot older and with clans switching tribes routinely, centuries of political churn would have messed up any organized scheme like that. Tarkalor might have tried that model when handling disputes, but since so the majority of Whitewall was not disputed land, I doubt if that would have had much of an impact.

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