Re: New file uploaded to whitewall

From: jorganos <joe_at_...>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 16:23:58 -0000

Matthew Cole <matthew.cole_at_b...> wrote:
>> No, I really was addressing the shape. I had something V-shaped or
>> rounded bottom in mind when I drew that.
> - I don't understand.

I intended a slow gradient along the middle of the valley all the way up, rather than a flat surface as in a trough.

> >> "detailed map the Tor"
> > - I'd agree there!

>> Of course, first we must address the issue whether the city covers
>> the entire Tor or only parts thereof.

> - It *is* called Whitewall, so the white walls should be visible > from most directions?

Sure. So if it sits along the southern edge of the Tor, it still would be visible from the Plateau (northwest), from the flatter region to the northeast, and prominently from the south.

>>> I think I can probably come up with a greyscale map of John's city >>> outline and then use that to place a model on the Tor.

>>> Also, I think I will render the 3D image again but this time show >>> it from the same direction as the pencil sketch.

>> That would be nice. Some more ravines and bridges rising to
>> Sestarto's Leap and Tarkalor's Bridge, too?

> - maybe we could work on the 2D gradient map to add ravines and > other seen-from-above features?

I'll offer some more proposals.

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