Re: The BatBlat

From: Oliver D. Bernuetz <bernuetz_at_...>
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 19:43:33 -0000

Roderick said:
> Personally, I blame those really crappy vampire movies, with non-
> bats on wires. I *have* seen bats up-close and personal (our
previous house
> had a colony in the attic, and they'd occasionally drop into the
bedroom -
> the cat got really good at catching them on the wing; as well as
> bat-watching out of doors - they fly through our veranda going for
moths and
> insects that are attracted top the door lights), and they are
> agile. Stupid, sometimes, but agile.

I've got no problem visualizing it just a problem accepting it. The problem is that zipping and looping like a real bat is so...damned undignified. It creates mental images of the Bat priests hanging on for dear life while the Bat goes through enough aerial manuevers for a WW I dogfight.

Okay I'll accept that the Bat can do this. I don't think it normally does so though. Why? Because it's got no reason to do so. It's not chasing insects, it's supposed to swoop down on towns, herds, etc. and slaughter them. I'm just as happy with the Red Zeppelin imagery.

The other thing to keep in mind is that Chaos has transformed it so there's no reason why it has to have retained any bat traits other than the shape. (And yes that begs the question, Why is it a Bat then? Why not something else? A giant mosquito would be gross. I'm sure that I could round up at least one that size somewhere in Manitoba:-) Well, it's a bat because it is a bat.

For the purposes of this story all the Bat has to do is fly up (whether quickly or slowly, and I can easily accept that it moves 1 1/2 times as fast as a horse, that's still slowish flying for something that big) and attack the Citadel. Nothing fancy involved.

I doubt that it would try and avoid any flying attackers because it wouldn't expect them to be any threat. Co-operative snacks, who'd have thunk it?

Since the Bat may be rushing to the siege (moving close to 500 miles a day?) I suspect that the Bat's entourage (the Baterage? Hmm, maybe not) in this case might be moving in moonboats so that they can get to the siege at the same time the Bat does. The other option is that the Bat leaves its snacks and snack handlers far behind fully expecting to get a good nosh in at WW.


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