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From that same Glorantha Q&A:  

"Artia is visible crossing the sky for 8 weeks at a time. However,
during Theyalan Sacred Time she is invisible, so that her movement can only be discerned from her position before and after this time. Thus, she does not always rise on the same day each season, and takes a total of at least 8 years to repeat her movements."  

And here's some more:
"When darkness covered the Sun during the Sunstop, most of the planets
and stars became visible. Like most of the cosmos, however, the stars, planets, jumpers, and other celestial phenomena ceased their movement, and so time could not be measured.

However, after an immeasurable portion of this timeless time, some people discerned a frightening thing: a single red star that had never been seen before was moving across the sky, along the Southpath. Rather than moving towards the south, however, it was traveling backwards. This was recognized as the planet Artia, called the Bat Planet and the Murderer of Yelm by the Dara Happans.

When the Sun began moving again this evil planet remained, though it at least moved in the proper direction along the Southpath afterwards. Every Sacred Time, however, it disappears, and invisibly moves backwards again. A few terrible prophecies in Peloria (including one among the Carmanians) stated that when the planet was visible moving backwards, disaster would soon befall. Such occurred during Sacred Time at the end of 0/12 (1232 S.T., 112232 YS), and the prophecies were proven true when the Red Goddess arrived riding the Crimson Bat that Spring. "

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	A little more on Artia - from an old Glorantha Q&A:
	"In Dara Happa, Shargash is the greatest war god of the Empire,
	Artia is a little-known and greatly-feared demon of the
underworld who
	haunts the sky. The only relation between them in Dara Happan
	is that Artia was defeated by Shargash, and bound into her place
in the
	sky. However, in Orlanthi mythology all three of these planets
are enemy
	gods who were bound into the sky as punishment. All three
	try to break free of their bonds, which is why the Southpath
	appear to move so erratically."
	I'm certain there is an Orlanth (or Vingkot) defeats and binds

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