RE: Re: the BatBlat

From: Matthew Cole <matthew.cole_at_...>
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 09:28:03 +0100

> Sounds difficult, given that even the least
> physics-minded of us immediately can tell
> that something that large shouldn't be able
> to make sudden changes in any kind of movement.
> I just don't buy the whole "it's magic so it
> just does!" explanation

I do. I think its magic is that its size is irrelevant to its own behavior--its size can vary, but its flight does not. Its size is only relevant to people. Given that fact, it may be flying in the HeroPlane or something, so the physical aspects of the middle world is not always relevant.

But what a giant cop-out! I get all the reasons for no inspiring descriptive prose; I just don't like not having it!

Another thing is that I love the idea of the gigantic bat wings tearing up the ground! I don't think it matters to it very much if they do get grounded - it's magic and power should overcome any problems; in a visible kind of way.

I've just thought: in HQ isn't it true that all magic has a visible element? This would sort of reinforce my whole point; we need a description of an attack, as viewed from a distance, nobody close-up would live to tell the tale. Having said that, wouldn't it be cool to attack the right band of heroes with the bat? We'd need a good piece for that.


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