Re: Digest Number 81

From: jeffrichard68 <richj_at_...>
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2004 17:13:13 -0000

> I suggest that we get people to volunteer for jobs,
> agree deadlines and if missed renegotiate or ask if we
> can recover the job and re-assign (we're all
> volunteers, life intrudes, usually better to throw in
> the towel so it can be picked up). Once picking no
> longer keeps making an impact on the to do list, ask
> folks to volunteer to be assigned tasks. Eventually
> some of the people who turn out to be the core
> contributors may have to 'fill in the cracks'.

Good idea. I'll follow suit.

> Happy to volunteer for:
> 1 month
> The Night Jumpers.
> Something on Garan the star lover of Serias and his
> 'lighthouse'

In my case:
The Larnsti.
Background on Broyan and his household.

> > 2 months
> The AoT and Esvulari at the siege.

Background on the Volsaxi.
The Colymar at Whitewall.


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