RE: Kallyr arrives, departs, etc.

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 08:24:50 +0100

> >That's such a lovely picture that it's just got to happen sometime!
> >Quite how some junior officer manages that in the first place is an
> >interesting question, but I'm sure a series of bad dice
> rolls and some PC intervention/incompetence could do it.

Wasn't there some famous Greek general or other who won every battle in sight, and was then killed by a civilian dropping a roof tile on his head as he rode in a victory procession? Some stupid little accident like that would do the trick nicely.

> Of course the junior officer could be the PC - you know the
> one, who puts all their HPs into fighting skills and neglects
> relationships. That's why they're stuck out in the backwoods
> of Sartar and get their important messages ignored.

Though I suspect a PC of that type wouldn't wait for orders, he'd just do the execution/interrogation/crucifixion or whatever immediately, and then get lynched by the unexpectedly upset locals. Maybe we'd have to give him a 2IC with a bit more experience, who insists on asking for orders first.

I was visualising one of these educated and civilised types who's been handed a junior officer position to "make a man of him", has never even seen anyone killed much less done it himself, and who got stuck out in a little spot that's already subdued where he can't do any harm. Poor sod can see all the horrible things that might result from the wrong decision, and hardly dares breath without permission.

> >Plus her Trickster, of course. ... It
> >really is an augment of -14. I gave up trying to calculate what his
> >*ability* in "noisy" must be like.
> About 5W7, a godlike ability to bring unwanted attention to Kallyr.

I suspect we're getting something wrong with the numbers here (those stats were written before auto-augments, weren't they?)

If he's *that* "good", let's just set him on the Bat. They can have a shouting match. He's got two masteries on it.

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