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From: donald_at_...
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 20:36:36 GMT

>Hi all,
>There seems to be a huge amount of disscussion on the geography of the
>surrounding area, how the Lunars will attack, how the Orlanthi will defend
>etc but little on what is going on inside for the nonheroic types ie Bob
>the Cotter and his family hiding out. It seems to me that seiges consist
>of alot of standing around followed by a flurry of activity followed by
>more waiting for something to happen. I can't see much development of hum
>drum activity. Or have I missed something here? Do we want to develop the
>interior more and if so how much detail? Do we want street plans? An
>inhabitants directory? What developments do you all want to see NOT
>regarding the big fighty bits? Let me know please.

There's a lot of areas which haven't been covered simply because no one has raised the subject. So far various people have tossed in ideas and those which were well received have been expanded either by the originator or someone else. The best approach is to follow suit, stick something up on the WhiteWallWiki and take it from there. At some stage there's going to have to be an exercise in deciding what blanks need filling but we're a long way from that. Equally at some later stage the result will need editing for publication which will cut out at least 50% of what's been written but if it ain't written it can't be included.

I agree there's a good case for including more low level activity which was why I posted "A story from the siege" which is my take on the view of the PBI* related to what goes on in the Lunar command tent. A story from the view of someone inside WW would be great. No need to follow my style of writing, it just seemed to fit that particular story.

Donald Oddy

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