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John - do you have an outline or timeline of Harvar's rise to power? This would really help in a side project I am working on.

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Stu waxes elequent:

I was trying to find characters that might fit Churchill's profile
>(especially those that gain power later), and failing. But then I
>thought of John's Helena/Helarnu Truespear, the niece of Harvar and a
>Scimitar of Yanafal Tarnils.

I'm not sure I'd have made the connection between 'Young Winston' (there's a larger-than-life statue of old Winnie just across campus from me) and Helarnu, but you're right, it fits. :)

"Progressives within Aldachur have turned to the Lunar temple as an alternative to the increasingly bloody reign of Harvar. They look to Ironfist's niece, the convert Helarnu Truespear, Scimitar of Yanafal Tarnils, for leadership and guidance. Helarnu has walked of her own power midst the palaces of the moon. She alone in all the city dares to brave the anger of Harvar."

Helarnu is a leader of the pro-Lunar faction in Solar Alda Chur. As Harvar's brother's daughter she enjoys a certain amount of latitude, but this is becoming strained as she keeps publicly asking about the funds raised by subscription for the proposed Lunar War Temple. A true Lunar liberal, she doesn't fit in well in Harvar's conservative, Dappy-Happy solar princedom. However, she is one of the few family survivors of the Burning Wind Womens' vengeance blade attack on the Temple of Bronze in 1611, and as an unmarried, high status woman of Harvar's bloodline, is of extreme diplomatic value. (Harvar doesn't seem to have any surviving children).

It does seem appropriate for her to head south for a while, if only to keep her hands clean of kinstrife.

>* a favourite of Fazzur, representing his interests in the siege. In
>such case a foil against Tatius (if ultimately unsuccessful).
>Helarnu's reports of Jorkandros' (and then Tatius'?) incompetence,
>which mysteriously find their way to other channels, aid her patron.
IMG she's no longer a Harvar favourite, and I'm not sure Harvar would let a mere *woman* represent him in any capacity - at least in his latest, more-Solar-than-the-Solars incarnation.

But, she commands a band of mercenary scimitars, is a minor hero, a Lunar sucess story ('local makes good') and has the ear of the 7Mums folk in DP, if not the Darra Happans. And doubtless, many friends among the scimitars of the besiegers.

Harvar will have a male-commandered phalanx to show his banner at the siege, but the force will be token - the latest outbreaks of peace in the Far Place are keeping the garrisons very busy.

>* her background (and the importance of Harvar to the Empire)
>precludes simple dismissal, which leaves room for surreptitious
>actions, with players seeking to protect or compromise her escapades.

Especially if her exact (strained) relationship to her uncle is undisclosed.

>Of course, the best reason of all is that it may actually force John
>to write a *Lunar* piece... :o)

What, 7 Mum baboons don't count? Sadly Stu, in my notes, is destined to convert to the Storm after hearing Orlanthi prisoners singing ''Cold Wind Over Sartar'/ Only Our Rivers'. But this occurs *after* Whitewall. My notes also include the tantalising:

"Helena Truespear, who successfully heroquested to retrieve a part of Sheng Seleris from the keeping of Gorgorma, reported her first liberation after hearing the song sung from the depths of an Ironspike jail compound."

>So firstly, John, do you think she's a possibility for the siege and
>the invasion of Heortland? And secondly, depedent on that, shall we
>include her? I think she'd be a great addition.

Great Call Stu. I think this would work well. Definitely one for Wiki.



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