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From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 10:53:52 -0700

Hey gang -  
> OK, I suppose that'd make them only slightly smaller than the average
> Sartarite tribe, and that'd roughly jive with their tula size by your
> map.  Is the territory of the Volsaxi really big enough for them to
> reasonably be triple the size of the others combined, though?  (Trying
> to judge this by eyeball from a couple of different maps...)

> I think Alex is right: the territory assigned to the Volsaxi may be
> too small, and the Curtali land still is too far south.

My thoughts on the pre-invasion Volsaxi territory is that it includes the Marzeel Valley from Vingaford to Ramsleap, (including Volsaxiland and Starkside), Northvale, some of Markdale, the northern Godar Hills, much of Destor's Hills and Finovan's Hills. The Bacofi have Darsrest and the Upper Marzeel Valley. The Curtali have the Dreven Vale. The Sylangi have most of the Markdale, and the Kultain had Twotop and Roadend.  

From Vingaford to Whitewall, Volsaxiland is about the same size as the Colymar and Malani tribes put together, but with much more arable land. Let's say that Volsaxiland has almost twice the population density as the Colymar and Malani (which isn't unreasonable) - that gets us about 50,000 people. Better harvests in Volsaxiland (lower elevation means less severe winters in the Marzeel Valley), lots of grazing land in those hills.  

> The area around Smithstone is probably more densely settled lowland
> than the Whitewall end. Some clans down there might be Volsaxi by
> force of arms rather than by choice, too... (same might go for the
> Ramsleap region)

 I think the land labled Volsaxiland on the DP:LoT is the heart of the Volsaxi clans - so I think Vingaford, Smithstone, Ramsleap and Karstanstead are the core Volsaxi towns (actually Smithstone gets to be a medium city of some 5000-1000 people). Places like the Styrman's Hills, the Upper Marzeel Valley, the Markdale, the Godar Hills and Hartside are probably constantly switching affiliations.  


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