Broyan's chariot and Tatius

From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Fri, 7 May 2004 14:27:45 -0700

> Or during the ritual the horses ignore the gap and run across if as
if the
> walls were still there. It depends on if the Bat's damage is
> important or not! Since the city holds for two years after the
BatBlat, it
> might not be "significent" to the ritual identity of the city.
> The sight of the horses ignoring evident damage would be a moral
boost to
> the defenders, a blow to the Lunars. On the other hand, if you go
> "can't cross the gap", then the inability of Broyan to complete the
> would be a blow to the defenders, a boost to the attackers.
> It kind of depends on the mood we are trying to create at this point
in the
> siege.

I think we want Scenario One - horses ignore the gap. It is important that the Whitewall defenders are capable of defending the citadel against impossible odds as long as possible - but they must increasing invoke the Last Storm to do so.  

Tatius the Bright is playing for a much much much bigger game than simply capturing Whitewall. He's going to kill Rebellus Terminus - and the more the rebels use Orlanth's magic to hold out, the happier Tatius is. The final attack on Whitewall will determined by the stars and Buseri codes far too complex for any of us to understand - except Tatius the Bright. And he's got the full and personal support of Moonson on this one.  

BTW, I'm pretty sure that Tatius knows that this will cause the Fimbulwinter.  

Now from the Lunar subordinate position, Tatius must be maddening. He keeps ordering these limited assaults and complicated magical attacks on Whitewall, and then NOT following up on them. It is as though he almost *wants* the defenders to hold out.  

For those of us who are trying to write things from the Lunar perspective, this is an important thing to keep in mind. Once Tatius takes over, the strategic goals of the Lunar command change radically. Jorkandros the Blinder wanted to reduce the fortress of Whitewall and kill the rebels. Tatius the Bright wants to kill Orlanth - the actual defenders are irrelevant except as a means to that end. There are other factions within the Empire with very different goals and objectives from Tatius - but Tatius has the resources of the Assiday family and the full support of Moonson behind him.  


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