Re: Steers and chickens

From: Sam Elliot <sam.elliot1_at_...>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 19:35:21 -0000

The parallel is the pigs in the Balazar citadels.  

> Intelligent. Add an Intelligent Chicken. Now see how many
references to "Chicken Run" we can get in there? (Or is this getting too silly?)

Most definitely. Chicken Run only came to me the day after I posted. Happens with stolen ideas I suppose. I was actually imagining it being more entertaining with the chickens just being, well, chickens. I was picturing the escape as the shaman chucking the buggers over the wall at first - chickens seem to do okay falling down cliffs. Well, that's my opinion, no idea how I formed it. I think Orlanthi heroes using their cattle herding skills out on chickens is just peachy. I also like the idea of Orlanthi heroes being berated by a furious shaman covered in feathers and chicken shit and performing his ecstatic (chickenified) rituals. Sending them dreams... There is just something about male birds like cockerels or, more so, male grouse - male red grouse are evil. I have been attacked by them. I killed one by mistake too - woops.

> Yep. Even if they *are* crap (like most of mine), they tend to

Thanks Jane.
Pip pip!

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