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IMO using pigeons could make the settlement more vulnerable to attack from things like disease. A Malia cultist could have a field day.

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> Nice idea. And introduces the use of homing pigeons for sending messages
> back to Whitewall (don't eat them!).

Somehow message pigeons don't seem Orlanthi; Rinliddi, maybe, since they are a Birdy culture, but Orlanthi would probably send a message on the wind or via alynx instead.

How about pigeons as spies inside the walls? or Lunar collaborators using pigeons to send messages back to their camp? (You'd have to amend the whole "pigeon homing" ability to send them back to a priest of the Homing Pigeon cult instead of back to Glamour or Mirin's Cross...). Once the spy ring is exposed, there's a massive pigeon extermination program, with alynxes stalking the buildings and cliffs, little battles between manmolanings and pigeons, boys taking potshots at birds with their slings...

Do they nest in holes in a cliff
> somewhere, or do they have a statue of some suitable pigeon deity that
> congregate on? (A dirty white statue, by now!) Or both...

There are plenty of buildings (fake cliffs) for nests...

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