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I went for Assyrians with tower shields for my own Granite phalanx- has the benefit one can't see how many greaves they are wearing, and on which legs! My Blue Dragoons are rather more modern Lunar style in Greek armour (and fight dismounted). I also have some Thunder Delta Slingers and Minor Class Mages.

I'll take a few relevant photos at the weekend and post in a folder in the photos section- they won't take up much space. One or two photos are already on the Glorygeeks (Gloranthan Hordes of the Things) Yahoo site, but not my better, more recent Lunar stuff.


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> Thanks; I'd read the Wiki site and liked the way it put numbers ...

  IMG at the initial 'siege' under Jorkandros the main contingent is the   full strength of Jasper Phalanx, which is more or less his 'local'   Stonewall regiment, and is in the 'old time Urvairinus' food group.   Appearance-wise, I'd say they were on the 'Middle Eastern' end of the   'Greek hoplite' spectrum, and the Issaries site prov

> I'll lurk and dive in when topics closest to my interests crop up
> (I'm rather more into Gloranthan wargaming than roleplaying). I
> could also post some pictures of my miniatures depictions of Lunar
> units, if relevant.

  I'd like to see 'em, for one.


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