Re: Re: Introduction to Whitewall group

From: simon.miller_at_...
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 09:15:05 +0100


I think I based them on the Issaries page; before the link to the Granite Phalanx has broken. Equally I may have got my phalanxes crossed; my grasp on the distinction between marble, granite and the other stones has always been rather tenuous (very confusing when we recently replaced our kitchen worksurfaces!). In any case the unit is indeed of the older "Khordavic" tradition; I shall temporarily rebadge them as the Beryl Phalanx (shields described as large with happily no description of shape!).


...If I recall the TotRM take on them correctly, _Granite_ Phalanx have a Modern Lunar refounding (unless this has been Gregged, they don't....


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