RE: Re: The Watchful House of Saint Gaspodi

From: Joerg Baumgartner <joe_at_...>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 20:56:03 +0200 (CEST)

Jeff Richard
>> AFAIK the presence of the Army of Tomorrow stems from Rikard's reign
>> in Heortland or even earlier. I believe that they used the Vaulted
>> Hall as supply base and garrison, cooperating with the order.

> Again, I doubt that Whitewall was a supply base and garrison for
> Malkioni mercenaries of the Heortland kings or of Rikard. It just
> doesn't make a lot of sense - Whitewall was reoccupied by Hardrand the
> Green and made the tribal center for the Volsaxi tribe.

The AoT wasn't present back then. The Gaspodis might have been - a few elderly monks and some recruits from unlucky caravan guards from Wenelia. A bit like Gimpy's, really.

> The Volsaxi
> remained semi-independent from the Andrini Kings (who would have been
> the source of any Malkioni mercenaries) and were certainly independent
> of Rikard's rule.

I was thinking of Wenelian traders bringing along guards, and some of those falling on hard times. Of course, Whitewall was off any useful trade route between the Dragonkill 1120 and roughly 1430. Possibly then the Vaulted Hall was more like a hermitage in urban rubble...

> Now I don't know when the Army of Tomorrow made it to Kethaela, but I
> suspect it is post-Opening, so no more than the last thirty plus years.
> Probably considerably more recent than that. I do not think that an
> Arkat-era Malkioni presence remained on the Hendreiki Holy Rock during
> the previous centuries.

A charter by Arkat and Hendreik might be sufficient grounds. I'm even inclined to make that charter part of the guardian's relic...

> Yeah, Sanuel switches sides, but I suspect he has to give up Whitewall.

To whom? By the time Sanuel fights for Sartar, Broyan is mostly out of the picture. Does he leave any heirs to the Volsaxi throne? Are they powerful enough to take it up with Sanuel?

If kept to his own devices, I suppose that Sanuel would prefer busy Smithstone over war-ravaged Whitewall every day, though, and leave it to the AoT or whoever wants to take care of it.

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