Re: The Watchful House of Saint Gaspodi

From: Oliver D. Bernuetz <bernuetz_at_...>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 19:23:16 -0000

> I hate to be "boring", but I'm really hard-pressed to decide which
> these models I find the more uncongruent and jarring. :( The
> are concentrated in "Heortland proper": what would be their
> to travel to "traditionalist Volsaxiland" (the ultra- is being held
> escrow) in order to be "more Malkioni"? Unless there's some strong
> incentive to do otherwise (economic, social pressure when the
> 'established order' changes, as is the case later on), sticking with
> what they _already know_ to be the true religion is going to be far
> away the most attractive options, with a long list of more likely
> defaults in terms of what's more consisent with the local cultural
> otherworldly landscapes.

I agree that it's hardly likely to be what many people do but what cause anyone to leave their traditional faith behind? Somehow it's not doing for them what they need spiritually. What make Christians become Jews and vice versa? And how do we explain Madonna? Nevermind. IF the Watchful House exists it has to be pretty tiny. I'm liking Joerg's descriptions of its possible history more and more.

> Heortlings joining seems to me to be both socially unlikely, and
> magically difficult (if you take the HQ rules half as seriously as
> seem to take themselves on such matters, at least).

Again, I'd hardly think it'd be a common choice and I personally don't think they'd be the main source of any converts.

> OTOH, ascribing it to the Army of Tomorrow seems both well-
motivated, and
> actually makes story sense of its disjunct from locally dominant
> religious practice, as opposed to having to 'explain it away'.

Well whatever people like. A tiny western order that wouldn't have attracted much attention doesn't bother me that much but if people prefer the AOT that's fine too.


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