Boldhome v. Whitewall

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 12:28:21 +0100 (BST)

> there are parallels:

There certainly are, now you point them out.

How many of those present at Whitewall were also present at Boldhome? Or *could* have been present at Boldhome? Learning from experience, perhaps?

Kallyr was at Boldhome, we know. Not exactly effective, but there. Any other definites?  

> >>>
> The Women, children,
> and old were sent out of the city over the rough
> mountains through secret paths,
> <<<
> Kallyr's agenda.

and since she'd seen what happened last time, I'm not surprised.

> >>>
> The garrison fought like fiends. The magical
> energies were so raw that the
> lowliest in spirit could taste them in the air.
> <<<
> This cannot be said for the first 8 seasons of the
> siege of Whitewall, excepting the BatBlat.

But will undoubtedly be true for the final assault, which is a fairer comparison.  

> >>>
> The Crimson Bat lifted slowly from Runegate and
> soared towards Boldhome to
> repeat its horrifying meal. When a dragon appeared
> the defenders were
> disheartened, but the monster instead destroyed the
> Crimson Bat.
> <<<
> Now here's a parallel. Who summoned the dragon? How?

It seems to have just appeared. Not even flown in, but appeared, as if it started there. A alliance made by Sartar, perhaps?

I wonder if anyone at WW, seeing the Bat approaching, said "last time we beat it by having a dragon attack it, anyone got one spare?" The preferred answer being "not yet, but let me think about that one".

> >>>
> Harsalter the Terrible, the son of the Prince, met
> the emperor in single
> combat and gave him a fatal wound. ...
> <<<
> One reason why the leading Lunar magician was taken
> out. Not known (yet)
> for Whitewall, but why not allow Tatius a good
> showing?

I suspect Tatius has more sense than to go into personal combat.

> The Fall of Boldhome wasn't a prolonged siege,
> either, unless you count
> the magical siege beginning already with Terasarin's
> death by Moonbeam
> (courtesy of the Tarsh College of Magic and
> Moirades) and the hinderances
> in Salinarg's Crowning.

And then a two-year gap. Sorry, but no.

> Boldhome was quite spectacular, too...


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