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Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 20:45:17 GMT

In message <20040728194229.C30317_at_...> Alex Ferguson writes:
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>> That's the model I've been working to. However Tatius is so senior
>> to Jorkandros from the point of view of social standing and political
>> clout (he replaces Fazzur not Jorkandros when he's appointed) that
>> he would be in defacto command even if Jorkandros was still formally
>> in charge.
>Why? If someone with no official authority, but more "clout" turns up,
>then given the ritualisation of matters such as army command, he's very
>unlikely to be in "de facto command".

If the Lunar army had a formal senior command structure I'd agree with you - it doesn't. There must be 20 to 30 people with the title warlord in Dragon Pass at this time, each with a different authority over troops and different responsibilty for getting something done. I've no doubt Tatius has that title though I've no idea what troops he has direct command of and what he's supposed to do with them. A big problem with the Lunar command structure is sorting out who gives orders when two warlords have overlapping powers and/or responsibilites. And the one who makes the decisions will not necessarily be the one who gets the blame or takes the credit.

>He'd be in theory and practice
>an annoyingly meddling political interference, but that's another matter
>(and is probably a day-to-day occupational hazard of the job, to the
>point of making it about thrice as difficult as the mere 'thwapping
>storm barbarians' aspect, mind you).

That as well.

Donald Oddy

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