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Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 20:39:20 GMT

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>> I read recently that the gates at Runegate are covered in Runes (as
>> well as the very large Luck rune into which they are set).
>> I wonder whether anyone has thought about the gates at Whitewall;
>> also what runes one might expect to find engraved on a (presumably)
>> magically reinforced gate?
>Nice timing. I was just starting to struggle with a story that includes
>as background Tarkalor's Gate changing hands again, and needing the
>enchantments replacing/re-enforcing shortly afterwards.
>I'd guess that the gates into the original city are done by one method
>(involving Helamakt, as other posters have suggested), and that
>Tarkalor's Gate is different.
>We had the wooden bits of Tarkalor's gate being burnt, but I'm unsure
>how much would be wooden anyway. Big stone gateway, heavy oak gates
>bound in metal? Where would the runes and enchantments be - on the wood,
>the metal, the stone...?

I envisage that gate to be like a medieval fortress gate - great thick planks of wood fastened together with huge metal nails. Metal's copper rather than iron though as befits the earth magic used to strengthen the gate. One problem is that Ernalda doesn't seem to have much magic useful in this situation - only Kadone and Ernferalda have anything vaguely suitable. Followers of Orstan the carpenter can have the secret awaken wood which creates a daimon to protect from damage but it looks as if Tarkalor got someone from outside when he was building it - dwarves?

I think different runes would be on different parts, depending on the person who added the magic and its precise purpose.

Donald Oddy

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