RE: Corps and armies

From: simon.miller_at_...
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 16:34:36 +0100

>Donald comments:
>>I can see the necessity of corps commanders on campaign - a general
>>doesn't have time to command all regiments individually.
>He would command them as a block and yes individually if need be. The
>is flat, Regiment - Army. No divisions or brigades. There are vexilla
>several regiments and these are commanded by Fereshori.

I tend to agree with this last - in the historical ancient model, even very large armies usually stayed and fought close together under a single general so there wouldn't be the same need for Corp Commanders as in, say the Napoleonic era when armies split into detatchments which often marched and fought separately.

Having said this the army commander would very likely devolve the command of the wings in battle to subordinates (tribunes or possibly senior regimental commanders?), and would maintain a general staff to reduce the administrative burden.


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