Legates et al.

From: Stewart Stansfield <stu_stansfield_at_...>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 20:50:14 -0000

Okay folks, here are some copious, verbose and downright heretical YGWV ponderings on Lunar command! Seriously though, bear with me if you can, for I would favour discussions on this issue...

These discussions are helping further my thoughts on the Imperial Army immensely. With the regiment--army gulf, we have seen that there is a broad command gap between the largely tactical leaders of regiments and the rather more operationally and strategically minded army commanders -- our Warlords.

This is certainly not insurmountable, and still less an automatic problem. Many force constructs can operate just fine with such a situation, as we've discussed and Martin has said. Immediacy has been the watchword. But if there are any times when this gulf is an issue, tactically or operationally, and might be desiredly bridged, how?

The literature does not really go into detail on this, and my personal desire is that it isn't set in stone. I've long favoured temporary 'functional & situational' commands and ranks filling this gap, appointed as they are by the field commander in theatre, the Emperor, the Ordenviru, or some composite of such.

Simon mentions the effective deputisation of senior and wellrespected  (or well-connected!) regimental commanders, be they tribunes, polemarchs whatever, or from a groups of personages somehow connected with a commander. Legate, as mentioned by Mr. P [sorry! :o)], seems a perfect term, given its etymology. A legate is afterall a pseudo-deputy, bequeathed a certain amount of power within a given realm of responsibility. Imperial Legates might thus be a good device to use.

Personally I favour this being an Imperial Lunar rank and device, not a Imperial Lunar *military* one. This promotes a reintegration of military policy, as we discuss it, into the broader philosophies of the Lunar Way as a whole. There is often a tendency to divorce military procedures from the larger Lunar picture [be honest, how many of you are ignoring these dry discussions because they're about the Lunar military? Hands up! :o)].

Our dear Moonie lovers promote flexibility, open-mindedness and adaptation: some of the core tenets of Sedenyite beliefs. Those Dara Happans and Carmanians might value their vaunted command chains, but they are often the antithesis of Lunar philosophy, particularly with regard to the rather polyglot Lunar battalia. In all areas of government I see flexible adaptation as key weapon in the propagation of Lunar values.

The Fereshori is a perfect example of Lunar open-mindedness in a military sphere. Now while I favour a greater tactical use of vexillae by the Lunar Army, I don't necessarily think the subdividing  of the army on the field into vexillae is a good idea, or perhaps possible. Fereshori are also heavily linked with the Yanafali cult. Perhaps this is where Lunar Legates come in?

Legates, be they commanders of force parcels, or plenipotentiary taxcollectors  of the Provincial Overseer, are way in which this can perhaps be achieved. Legates represent the distribution and farming of Lunar power through proxies, for easier administration and flexible governance. Power relationships can become inclusive. Legates might be appointed by the Emperor, the Great Sister, or prominent Lunar personages. Afterall, Appius and Fazzur are nought but legates themselves, servants of the Red Goddess and the Moonson, and doing their will. Such figures might then have the rights to appoint their own deputies in their own sphere.

For example, Jorkandros, is acting as an Imperial Legate, decreed under Imperial Law and authorised by the Warlord as possessing a certain amount of power, in his case civil and military. Fazzur might also bequeath power to act as his deputy on campaign to another officer, or make another his quartermaster, or Master of Horse. All these positions count, in my paradigm as Imperial Legates, though the amount of power bequeathed varies considerably.

In this manner there is more of a conflation of the political and military spheres, more akin to the statesmen of Republican Rome. Is Legate a right term? Who knows! Praetor? Do legates themselves need a ranking? Is it purely YGWV? I'd just like to see some mechanism that might cater for this issue of deputisation and sub-commanders, and -- importantly -- do so in a way that is functional, situational and better reconciled with the Lunar Way as a whole -- and not specifically 'another military rank'.

This is all IMG, as the issue of how Warlords command their armies has only been discussed relatively briefly, and focused on the immediacy of command. As people have spoken of occasional mediate levels, I wonder how this might work, while remaining true to most Gloranthan lore.



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