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Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 01:10:23 GMT

In message <ceeca6+de84_at_...> "Stewart Stansfield" writes:

>The Fereshori is a perfect example of Lunar open-mindedness in a
>military sphere. Now while I favour a greater tactical use of
>vexillae by the Lunar Army, I don't necessarily think the sub-
>dividing of the army on the field into vexillae is a good idea, or
>perhaps possible. Fereshori are also heavily linked with the Yanafali
>cult. Perhaps this is where Lunar Legates come in?

The problem is that only YT cultists have the magic required to effectively command troops from more then one tradition. That, after all, is why the vexillae and fereshori exist. So higher ranking officers will also need this magic unless they are in the position of only commanding troops from their own tradition. Of course this doesn't apply if the higher ranks are political rather than military positions but are we seriously going to regard everyone above regimental officers as politicans with only the occassional one having any military competence?

Yes, it does reflect the Roman Republic model, but in that model every freeman had to serve in the legions so would have gained relevant experience in the army before being given a political command.

Donald Oddy

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