RE: FW: Re: Something completely different

From: Simon Miller <simon.miller_at_...>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2004 00:28:46 +0100

Paul MacLean Anderson said...

>Several notes on this:

>1) This is, at best, the Irripi ...(clipped)...

>How deep are Lunar phalanges? I've seen published evidence for seven,
eight, and ten, not sixteen.

I suspect seven (and presumably 14 if in double depth) wouldn't be a very practical number when turning from column of fours into into line; but I don't suppose practical and religious always go hand-in-hand!

>3) I don't care for borrowing any ancient system exactly; the Lunars have
always had a not-quite-Latin, not-quite-Greek spaghetti-Imperial-movie flavor to me, and I like it.

>4) If we are going to glom on to Greek terms, I would use the straight
decimal terms dekarch, hekatontarch, chiliarch, myriarch [with units dekarchy, etc.] for the Dara Happan system, and interpolate lochos/file/lochagos, taxis/taxiarch, syntagma/syntagmarch for Lunar innovations.

If only we were... sigh....


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