Re: Runaway peasants

From: Charles Corrigan <charles_at_...>
Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2004 18:37:36 -0000

> > > Also remember that if he was indeed
> > > running the show at Knight Fort for
> > > awhile, he could have some Praxians
> > > who ended up on his side. (Although
> > > that's something of a stretch.)
> >
> > Praxians... Downtrodden peasants....
> > Not quite, I suspect. Nice idea,
> > though, I'm sure I can use trhem
> > somewhere else.
> Use Oasis Folk instead of beast riders
> for the down-trodden peasant-y feel.

IMO Peasants would look down on Oasis Folk... Peasants generally only have one master who, while treating them as scum, does see long term value in keeping them at some level of subsistence.

Oasis Folk however, do not have permanent long-term masters. The Beast Riders walk in, take all their stuff*, and then leave after a few days to weeks. Hardly a recipie for long term maintenance and nurturing...


*i.e. produce, the Oasis Folk have been "visited" so often, the have no other material goods, not even clothes.

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