Re: Tatius

From: Rob <robert_m_davis_at_...>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 20:16:08 -0000

He's a Yelm Imperator worshipper I believe, and probably an Initiate level. I think he is too busy for something like Devotee, just like Kallyr.

Now KoS, CHoDP page 151 - *he was no lazy administrator, but a skilled strategist and tactician, and a skilled person in personnal combat. He was highly placed in the Church of the Sun, and traced his own lineage to the Emperor Yelm*

Nick Brooke recently said on Heroquest-Rpg (correct me if I am wrong) but acceptance of the Lunar way is all that matters, and that most people are communal worshippers of the Lunar way. Is Tatius an Imperial Citizen? I don't think he is a Lunar Zealot. I don't think Yelmies do radical either. They are the most anal retentive lawful people of Glorantha IMO.

So he's intelligent and tough. He is likely to be extremely autocratic and a xenophobe. If you aint Dara Happan then he is likely to look down his nose at you, at best. I wonder how he feels about women?

Fazzur's crime is probably the fact he is a Provincial. Once Tatius made his play for power at Whitewall, the writing was on the wall for Tatius.

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