RE: Re: Summons of Evil _at_ WW Poll

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 12:13:09 +0100

> Well, I don't think we need a poll as I think I am the only one who
> doesn't think that SoE was done. Oh well YGWV and all that.

It sounds as if it may be heading towards Official. And if so, we'd better go with it.

> I think Broyan & Kallyr are thinkers. I also think that Kallyr is
> the senior party smarts wise.

Mmmm... I'm uncomfortably aware of my own bias here. At this stage, Kallyr is one of Broyan's supporters, not vice versa. She wouldn't be doing that if she thought he was an idiot.

As I keep saying, we do need to put more effort into getting to know Broyan and putting some emphasis on him. Surely there's someone out there who's a Broyan fanatic the way I'm a Kallyr fanatic?

> But if not how about Beneva Chan? As a way to kill Kallyr?
> You know, 'I lost everything because of her! I have nothing to live
> for...' and puts the things in motion. That would be a good story
> I think.

I can quite see Benava (and Leika) putting their hatred of Kallyr ahead of the need to defend the city. At the moment, that is - things will change later, at least for Leika. But deliberately summoning the Bat to get her? Even if that was possible, that's going a bit far as a first step!

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