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Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 12:47:39 GMT

In message <000101c4aeb2$0fc1b020$0302a8c0_at_master> "Jane Williams" writes:
>> I assume that sending the Bat **anywhere** requires careful planning and
>> preparation, so that the plan to send it to Whitewall was decided on
>> long before the SOE began. We're talking synchronicity here beyond
>> simple cause and effect.
>Agreed. And we need a few more reasons for the Bat to be "fitted" in.
>Could it be perhaps that the Bat was simply due to be fed *somewhere*,
>and unknown to Tatius he provided the opportunity to give it a welcome

That's certainly true and I think it's been in the region of Sartar since Runegate (which was when?). I don't think it goes back to the Moon between appearances, I think it wanders around pretty much at random until someone finds either a use for it or an excuse to send it somewhere else. For that reason I don't think there's a lot of planning involved, it's more a matter of persuading the Chief Bat Priest that a particular course of action is a good idea and Tatius has a lot of clout in tht department.

I've just noticed a possible Gregging though. In Dragon Pass the Whitewall entry implies that it was the Bat which finally caused the defenders to flee and the city fall. I suspect it's just poor editing and that's not what's meant at all but it adds another level of confusion.

>> 2. Run away, risk the still far-from-complete Lunar gauntlet about the
>> city. For most guerrilla fighters, by far the most sensible option.
>And we have yet to decide why Broyan and Kallyr didn't do exactly that.
>Rob's game had one possible answer, but do we need to consider others?

I don't think Broyan is a guerilla fighter, he's High King of the Volsaxi and his status would be imperiled if he just ran away from a serious threat. There may well have been a disagreement between them over the correct response.

Donald Oddy

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