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> The good Baron dates back to White Bear Red Moon, where he is a 4-
> Cavalry counter in the Sartar Free Army,

And on that basis I would suggest his cavalry are of the western heavy type. You know loads of plate and barding backed up by serious Wizardry.

so I don't think he'd be a "Tarsh"
> supporter, at least not by the time "Argrath" comes along. Whether
WW is the
> straw that breaks the camels back, or he just sees better trade
> under "Argrath" than the Lunars, who can say...

Well, I think Garrath Sharpsword and Harrek kick the Lunars out of much of Kethaela not long after the fall of WW and Tatius and his mob end up using WW as a military outpost as a bulwark against attack from the south, Tatius banking on sticking it to them once his shiny new temple is up and running. I reckon he develops a real beef with Tatius after all of them sun priest get their brains fried. Not to mention the ones he kills in person.

I wonder if Trader Princes will have a time line so we can see what happens. After Iceland I think Kallyr is in Esrolia stiring up trouble and with Broyan destroy the foundations of an Esrolian RM temple at around the time of Pennel Ford.

All that from memory I am afraid so I apologise for any errors!


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