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Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 12:30:38 GMT

>What about Hazra Khan from Karse as the supply line?
>Or is he too far away from WW, and I suppose supplies would be coming from
>the north...unless the Lunars are well efficient and stock piled supplies, arms
> etc in Pavis/Corflu and ship it across. Obviously this would take a bit of
>planning but from my point of view that is something the Lunars are very good
>at. Less chance of the rebels of DP waylaying them. IMOG the Lunars have been
> using slaves to grow crops in the Grantlands since 1617 why not have them
>store arms also. All part of the big overall Lunar plan of taking
>DP/Sartar/Heortland etc. Dunno sorry for thinking outloud.
>Of course that could be Tatius' idea but Fazzur prefers his old buddy Sanuel.

According to DP Baron Sanuel controls Smithstone which is an important supply base for the Lunars besieging WW. That implies at least some supplies are coming from the south. From the north the best route appears to be through Alda-chur, Boldhome and Wilmskirk which then passes through Roadend. Alternatively they could travel down The River and then go by Rungate and Quackford.

Certainly I think Fazzur gave Baron Sanuel the responsibility and I don't think Tatius changes it but I suspect there is some tension between Tatius and Sanuel.

Donald Oddy

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