RE: Supplies, magical paths

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2004 07:59:47 +0100

> Let me use even more blunt language than Jane.


> There is no secret path from WW to Tarthcaer - no mythic
> or magical connection between the two.

Fine. I can't see any reason for there to be one. What there *is* is a link between Tarthcaer and Mastakos (Vinga nicked it from him), but it's extremely loose and at "present" only one Vingan has the vaguest idea how to use it.

> In the end, Broyan
> and his companions rely on Ice Refuge (with which there is a
> connection through Hendreik the Free and his Larnsti).

The idea of Kallyr (and only Kallyr) using Tarthcaer instead is an answer Steve Martin and I came up with the her being both at WW when it fell and "among the Quivini". She needs to be in two places at once, and this is the best we could do at the time. Ice Refuge is in the wrong place to work.

> In fact, I doubt that there are any known magical paths going
> from WW to anywhere else.

Fine by me. Of course, some enterprising PC may go questing for them.

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