Re: Wiki-Wiki front page, tech stuff

From: Charles Corrigan <charles_at_...>
Date: Sun, 07 Nov 2004 01:20:12 -0000

I have done some research...

I can add a domain (e.g. and set up it to direct to - I think that this will appear to be a real domain rather than just a re-direct.

I can add any Wiki software (or any other alternate) as long as it is written in PHP, Perl or Python. I have looked but not yet found a Wiki with multi-user security - PhpWiki version 1.3 (I think that we are using version 1.0 on eparsnip) is in the process of getting multi user security but is not quite there yet. If anyone could suggest an alternative then I will check it out.


> French society offer unlimited number of web account of 100
Mo each with PHP/MySQL.
> Only restriction being to register by normal mail.
> As a already registered user I can create if you
need it.
> For the performance of the accounts I cannot insure them ... but
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> And if you use the whole 100Mo over a month they increase it to 1Go
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> Manuel

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